Different types of hardness testers

The hardness tester is of different varieties and functions. There are both automatic and manual hardness testers. The robotics industry has always needed inventive mechanics to maintain the software and hardware of the machines they produce. It is vital since it ensures that the quality of their products is at its best.

Inception of Innovatest

The need for the robotics industry to have advanced mechanics led to Innovatest offering new testing techniques using hardness tester. The hardness testers have different types like Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell, and Knoop. They have standards certified by ISO and ASTM. Innovatest has a universal hardness tester that can test using different measurements. It is advantageous since you only need one hardness tester. Before, you required several of them.

hardness tester

The tester software

The tester has advanced software that aids the user has a great workflow. With developed algorithms, scanning has used the newest artificial intelligence systems. The testers have test blocks and indenters, with their certification being traceable. The tester can even be customized to your specifications when you contact the engineers at Innovatest, who will look for solutions for your issue. They have offices in different countries like Poland and Japan but can distribute the tester using their worldwide distributors. They also offer a warranty to the tester. What are the benefits of using the testers?
Innovatest have used the latest technologies to make the testers. Their services are available to anyone worldwide. They have a warranty system. They have showrooms in different parts of the world.