Hardness Tester

Hardness refers to the capability of the material to resist deformation. A standard test can test materials hardness to determine where the material’s surface is resistant to indentation measured. Therefore hardness tester is a device that dictates and indicates the hardness of the material. The hardness test is carried out through penetration by a standardized pointed or round indentor of a diamond, hardened steel, or carbide.

hardness tester

Types of Hardness Test

There are two types of testing the hardness of materials. They include:

Rebound or dynamic hardness test

Vickers hardness test

Mohs hardness test


hardness test

Scratch hardness test

Scieroscope hardness test

Indentation hardness test

Rockwell hardness test

These different types of hardness tests are all defined by the type or shape of indent, amount of load applied, and size.  Materials hardness can either temporary hardness, which also goes by the name carbonate, and permanent hardness, also known as non- carbonate. They are known as carbonate and non-carbonate hardness due to magnesium or calcium, sulphate, nitrates and chloride presence. In conclusion, the hardness test helps determine and show how their materials are affected by stress and exactly how their materials components will wear out once performing in their primary use. Customers who use hardness test products can testify that these hardness tests are, cost-effective, easy to use, compact unit, has good performance, produce accurate results, and are great products.