Motorcycle Helmets provide a chance for Survival

You don’t have to be a whiz-kid to know that motorcycle helmets can drastically reduce terrible personal injury. Surely you wouldn’t dare to venture onto the roads without first putting one on your head? In fact, a helmet is designed to reduce the impact of hard surfaces on the brain and skull. Over 80% of motorcycle accidents result in injury and death and by wearing a motorcycle helmet you reduce the chance of death by 40%. About¾ of countries around the world have helmet laws – drivers and passengers of motorized 2-wheelers have to wear helmets, but helmet laws are still lacking in many other countries.

Motorcycle helmets

Push your Motorbike to the Limit with our Gear provides the latest motorcycle gear for everyone who has a passion for motorcycling. They offer lots of different motorcycle helmets for motorbike riding in every color too – flip-up helmets, full face-, motocross-, race/replica-, and open-face helmets as examples. The head-gear always comes from top brands such as Bandit, Biltwell, Scorpion, Simpson, Shark, Bell among others. Our full-face, aerodynamic-shape helmet, for instance, covers the entire head and is regarded as the safest of all helmets and generally designed for higher speeds. Because this particular helmet has fewer openings, the full-face helmet is also more resistant to wind noise. Motorcycle helmets and other gear can be ordered from our webshop and from our store in Amsterdam, and after delivery, if you’re not entirely thrilled, you’ve got 30 days to return the product.

Motorcycle helmets
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