Leaf collection equipment

A while ago, I was looking for leaf collection equipment. I am a groundskeeper at a school and it is my responsability to maintain the athletic field and the park. One of the biggest problems were the large piles of leaves, especially in the autumn season. That is why i was searching for a long term solution. Fortunately I ended up on…

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Netherlands company register search

If you’re interested in setting up a business in the Netherlands, the first step is to proceed a Netherlands company register search at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. If your chosen company name is already taken, you need to create a new name for your company. We from ‘Set up your Dutch company’ are able to assist you in searching…

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CFD trading

Want to start with CFD trading? Than we advise you to choose a reliable broker that is officially regulated. An online broker who is regulated is not a scam. So you can be sure the broker is trustable and reliable. With a CFD, a contract for difference, you can trade raw materials, like for example oil, silver, sugar, tea or…

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