Several different used intercity buses in stock

Here at Womy we want to offer our client the best when it comes to different vehicles and that’s why we have several different used intercity buses in stock, among other forms of transportation.  When it comes to multiple different sorts of transportation, we think that with our decades of expertise we can offer our clients the best that fits their needs. That is one of the reasons that we have various different kinds of buses in stock, which can all be found at our stock parking at our main office in the port of Moerdijk.

One of the categories of buses are the used intercity buses, which cover a part of the whole fleet of vehicles which are for sale. Intercity buses are mainly characterized by their appearance and that they need to offer comfort to customers who are using this form of public transportation for longer rides. The most important part about this type of buses is that they offer the best overall public transport experience for people who need to travel considerable distances. With that in mind, we also want to offer you the best total package, which will not only consist out of selling the intercity bus of your choice, but with all out experience and professional employees we will make sure that we can get all the modifications on the particular vehicle that you’ll need.

The benefits of used intercity buses

There is still a great demand for public transportation and why shouldn’t you invest in one of the used intercity buses that we have in stock? The demand for public transportation keeps on growing, because of the upcoming environmental awareness for example. Intercity buses can transport a lot of people at the same time, which means that there will be less cars on the road. This environment efficient way of public transport gives the community what they want and offers you a nice way to re-use one of our stocked used intercity buses and giving them a second round and a new life.

The second big advantage when you decide to make use of and buy one of the used intercity buses which are present at out stock parking in the port of Moerdijk, is that you won’t have to pay huge amounts of money to own one of the buses that we are offering. You don’t have to make a big investment to get started, which means that you’ll have funds for other things that will provide the best service and experience for your customers. This doesn’t mean that our vehicles aren’t provided with all that you’ll need, because our team will gladly help you with possible modifications on the vehicle of your choice.

Why Womy?

There are a couple of reasons we think that we, when it comes to different types of transportation, will offer you the best and complete deals out there. Not only do we have a great range of vehicles in stock, but that combined with the more than 20 years of experience and expertise, will ensure that you’ll get what fits your needs best. Our team of trained specialists are ready to listen and figure out what will work best for you, our client. All our employees are willing to listen to your needs, think along with what you need and skilled on different areas in the vehicle industry, which helps them help you.

Besides, we work from a commercial philosophy which always aims that our customers are served in their satisfaction. That may probably be our main strength, when we put it next to our specialized team of employees, which are situated in branch offices of Womy around the world.  Although you will find our main office, which consists of an 20.000m2 area where warehousing, a construction and maintenance site, offices and our stock parking, we have different branch offices in Cuba, Ivory Coast, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Oman, Ghana, Turkey and Liberia.

We are also a member of the Mobilift International group, which is specialized in the rental, sales and service equipment around the world. This corresponds to what we do at Womy, because you can find public transportation, lift trucks, warehouse trucks, mobile cranes, aerial platforms, container handling equipment and earthmoving and construction equipment which will carry our signature all over the world.

Questions are there to be answered

When you can’t find the right used intercity bus for the purposes of your needs, please feel free to contact our team at our main office. We have a broad variety of used buses, which are divided in different categories. We also offer a great range of city buses, mini buses, coach buses and articulated buses. You can find used buses in different forms, categories, colors, from different brands and we are proud that we can present our stock to you with some additional information about each bus we offer. You can find a clear overview of each one of the offered used buses with the type of vehicle, the year in which it was build, the mileage and the number of vehicles we have in stock.

Besides, our stock diversifies with the new vehicles that can be sold to us and the different transportation products that are being sold, which means that our stock is usually  renewed. That is why we would like to advise you to check out the offerings on our website regularly.

Do you want some additional questions to be answered or just want to know a bit more about us and how we’d like to work? Just contact us and we are glad to help you out. You can get in touch with our team of specialists by phone, email or by using the contact form you can find on our website. When you want to make an appointment to take a look at the current stock, or when you already made your choice for a particular vehicle, just let us know and we will come to a date in consultation with you.

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